The Volkswagen Corrado was introduced into the automotive market in 1988 with some more versions of the car being released in 1992 and 1995. It is described as the best sports model car to be made by the German manufacturers till date due to its classic features thus making its demand to be relatively high among lovers of classic cars all over the world. The price of the vehicle was and still is quite affordable thus making it the must have classic car which you only need to make minor improvements to suit your taste.

The car as already mentioned was one of a kind since it incorporated the best materials at the time making it a simple looking but well detailed automobile. It is a three door sports compact car that came in a variety of colors such as black, blue, red and violet with the red range being a favorite of many due to its extra versatile look. It had an improved grille that added to the stylish design of this automotive; it was also wedge shaped which gave it a very unique look.


The wheels of the Volkswagen Corrado were bigger than those of its other predecessors giving it a bit of height for the more rough terrain though it wasn’t designed as such. The back was simple with a single pipe exhaust system. The interior of this automotive came in to different colors that are the black and cream range. The seats were sporty made of high quality leather and though the car was relatively small, it had plenty of leg space for comfort. The steering wheel was also bigger giving the driver better control with all the switches conveniently placed. It had a radio system for entertainment with adequate speakers for better sound.

1991_Volkswagen_Corrado_LC5U_Aaron_HertzogThe engine of the Volkswagen Corrado were quite good with the initial model of 1988 being a 1.8L 16valve I4 petrol engine which managed to put up about 160hp. This engine offered 5- speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmissions for improved stability. Another version was introduced in 1992 which was a 2.0L I4 petrol engine that put up to 136hp which was not released into the American market.

An American and Canadian market model was made which was a 2.8L engine that made about 179hp and a European one that was a 2.9L which put up to 192hp; both of these were VR6 engines. Another limited edition model was created which was only for the European Market in 1995 which was a 2.0L 8V engine that managed to make up to 155hp; there were less than 100 cars that were made.


The prices of the Volkswagen Corrado varied depending on the models in the different years that it was released. The price of the first model of 1988 ranged from about 600$ to 700$, the 1992 model cost between 1000$ and 1500$. The last model that was the limited edition was a bit more pricy at about 3000$ but given the features of the car, it is a fair price. At the moment you can get used Volkswagen Corrado form about 2500£ from genuine Sell My Car Buying Services, but ensure that you are careful that the dealer you are buying for is genuine to avoid any issues.

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